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Who would not want to be a Maid Marian? Whether it is a Renaissance costume party, Halloween costume party or any costume party in town you would surely look dazzling and majestic wearing a Maid Marian Costume. Maid Marian was a character who was first seen as a female side kick of Robin Hood. Her prowess as a lady archer could be compared to Robin Hood’s Merry Men. Later she became a favourite character in stories and ballads during the 16th century. Her character appeared in many versions and varied names like Marian of Leaford, Lady Marian of Fitzwalter, Marian DuBois and Clorinda.

Welcome to MaidMarianCostume.Com, the best place in the world (outside of Sherwood Forest, of course) to find Maid Marian costumes for your next masquerade ball, Halloween dance, or other get together where you want to play the role of Robin Hood’s leading lady.  Maid Marian has been portrayed in a number of ways in classic TV and movies, being seen gallivanting around the countryside, helping her main squeeze, Robin Hood, to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Robin Hood and his band of merry thieves have been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until the last 500 years that English writers decided to give the poor, lonely outlaw a love interest. Maid Marian was brought into literary existence in the 1600s and has become the force behind many Maid Marian costumes since that time.  It is not surprising that Maid Marian is associated with May Day celebrations, since Robin Hood, with his association with archery and the forest, is a character that is often portrayed during May Day.  The legend of Robin Hood was a big part of the May Day festival, and soon, Maid Marian became a symbol of the fertility of spring and the promise of new life, with her virtues and chaste disposition.  Overtime, the May Queen’s name would change to Marian, and she would become Robin Hood’s lover.

Maid Marian costumes can range from flowing gowns and headdresses to corseted medieval dresses to jaunty green outfits, much like the one that Robin Hood is often thought of wearing, but with a feminine twist.  A Maid Marian costume paired with a Robin Hood costume is the ultimate couple’s get-up for your next outing together where you will become the talk of Sherwood Forest.

Ideas for accessorizing your Maid Marian costume include donning a long-haired wig if you don’t have long hair already, and wearing sexy strap up sandals that extend up your leg to the knee.  Depending on the literary depiction of Maid Marian that you most favor, you might also choose to carry a bow and arrow, as some accounts of Maid Marian have the virtuous maid practicing her archery skills right alongside the band of thieves and her infamous beau.  This can lend an air of authenticity to your Maid Marian costume.

From Robin Hood’s story, Maid Marian is described as a fugitive who lived in the deeps of the Sherwood Forest. Though she was considered as an outlaw, she had a royalty background from England. One of the ballads described her as Robin Hood’s childhood best friend. When she discovered that Robin Hood became a fugitive, she went to the Sherwood Forest to look for him. However, they were not able to recognize each other because they both disguised themselves. After series of long senseless fights he introduced her to his Merry Men and it was the only time when they found each other.  They became lovers and she bore many children.

A typical Maid Marian costume depicts the Renaissance era. The long dress is topped by a body hugging corset. Her bell-shaped sleeves are usually long. Some Maid Marian costumes are accessorized with veils and hats and sandals. You can find these fabulous Maid Marian costumes here in variety of colors and sizes. Select the best Maid Marian costume that is suites your taste and style. You can get it through our site and it will be delivered to you in no time. Get one now and be a lovable Maid Marian in your next costume party!

Dressing as Maid Marian is one of the most tasteful ways to dress up, and usually a hit at a rennaisance themed event.

If you are planning to go for Halloween party, and you are thinking to attract almost everybody in the party, the Maid Marian costume would be one of the options for you to go for. Before we continue let’s explore different roles of Maid Marian in medieval times.

Maid Marian is well known in Robin Hood’s stories. Her biography and the different nature of her life for centuries, is sometimes described as pagan or Saxon, and other times, such as high-born Norman.

In a play of Elizabeth, Anthony Munday became the pseudonym of Fitzwalter Matilda (Maid Marian), the incredible daughter of Robert Fitzwalter fled to England, because of her attempt of assassination of King John. . (Marian names like “Fitzwalter because it betrays great ignorance which is part of the writers who brought the name. It makes no sense Marian name was called. Fitzrobert after her father) it was because of the efforts of the legendary King George John seduce Matilda.  The Ballad of Robin Hood and Marian, expresses more about Maid Marian around the 17th century. It is said that Maid Marian was one of the Sex appealing ladies in her time and in the initial meeting with Robin Hood She never liked him and in some scenes, she had the sword fight against him as well. But later on eventually, she became his lover.

In the Victorian era, Maid Marian returned to his former role of a young woman who was beautiful and sensitive. This woman appears on the birth of many great films, a different character: in 1938’s featured film The Adventures of Robin Hood, she is faithful brave woman (played by Olivia de Havilland). Although still very feminine, her initial antagonism Robin was out of aristocratic disdain, due to the unwillingness of robbery, With the rise of modern feminism in 20th Century, the beauty of Maid Marian is often described as Mark adventurer again, sometimes Archer crack itself. Today, a common end of Robin Hood stories became that he married Maid Marian, and left the forest in a civilized society, to the aristocratic life.

In Actual connection Marian’s relation to the Plantagenet royal family tends to vary. Mostly, she describes a woman of high rank of the court. The famous film of Errol Flynn, the Maid Marian is shown in the department of the court, aristocratic wife of orphans under the auspices of King Richard. In Kevin Costner epic Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is a cousin of her mother .In a BBC documentary she (Maid Marian) was a former sheriff’s daughter who was engaged to Robin before leaving the Holy Land. Maybe the odd touch is the Disney animated Robin Hood, in which it is said that Marianne (Maid Marian) as the niece of King Richard, though the Disney described it as a lion fox Maid Marian.
If you think you are inspired by a costume party which comes to mind showing the ideas of daring sword fights, and of course the prince and princess of their medieval costumes. The Maid Marian costumes are the best. Styles vary from place to place, and people wore their social status in life.

The medieval time was somewhat in which the first time was the center which was not showing much difference between men and women costumes, the two wore long tunics with a belt and coat. The difference was that the men wore beards, and sometimes the length of dress is only to the knee. As time went by, however, the interim also developed a clothing major point of difference between great dresses for men and women in the middle Ages. Women’s clothing was focused more at the waist and neck.

When you select a dress that best fit with your style, there are some things we need to learn why and how men and women wore their clothes in the Middle Ages Middle Ages.

Planning to go for the Halloween Party? Well if yes, try out the Maid Marin costumes. The Maid Marian costumes are the best way to attract the attention of the other people in the party. Before we continue let’s have a focus, who exactly Maid Marian was?
The Maid Marian character was described with different varieties of feminist glow and beauty in robin hoods stories.
Mariana (Maid Marian) is one of the ever known characters of Robin Hood literature. Over the years, the people have changed the nature of her personality and circumstances, to adjust the social ideas about women. Although Marianne (Maid Marian) was not part of the original tales of Robin Hood, she became an integral part of modern legend of rewritings.

Robin Hood first known stories, from the late 14th century, makes no reference to Maid Marian. Robin Hood legends often acted and played in May Day event in England. The Original plays were considered separately by the Queen or Lady of May was the hero of the end of May, two shows have merged, changed its name to the Queen of May Marian Rubin, a lover.

May Day celebrations began strongly linked to new life of spring and fertility, May Queen was a strong indication that, like Bacchus or Dionysus tradition of Greek and Roman lust. Later on Maid Marian came to literature, and she is described differently. As a young girl, she was a model of modesty.

The Literary Maid Marian is the basis of fixed origin. Robin Hood stories adapters made her the best in stories. In Norman tales Maid Marian has been some talk about the noble lady, who is frail and perfect. Other rumors claim her as early Saxon Marian orphans or semi-Saxon side of Norman. Critics point out that the sources of Marian make appropriate times. In Victorian era, it was generally virtuous that Marianne (Maid Marian) was known as Norman aristocrat.

On the broad base Maid Marian character is not defined. In previous versions of films like “Robin Hood which was released in 1938, the director chose to prefer to see Marianne (Maid Marian) as a young girl and wise beauty, but most stories begin to conflict with this interpretation. In The Ballad of Robin Hood maid Marion, dates back to the 17th century, The Maid Marian of Sherwood Forest dresses like a child. Robin, do not know her attacks, and they battle for several hours.
In a 1938 Film where Robin and Marian again made their role to meet and fall in love when he rubs her party!

Lady Marian’s character has been a lot of popular focus of media in recent times, an excellent series of the BBC, Robin Hood, and now the anticipated film, starring Russell Crowe got lots of praises. Marian costume is usually based around an elegant that is created by crushed velvet dress with attached belt effects. They often include the coordination of the helmet, which is associated with the sheets. Of course, essential accessory to go with your Maid Marian costume is a set of velvet collar.

Last few years have seen ladies medieval fancy dress outfits becoming extremely popular; the credit goes partly to television series, which were recently shown on the BBC, including Robin Hood and Merlin. These shows highlighted the different graceful medieval women dress costumes of the period, such as, one worn by Maid Marian in Robin Hood.

Then, it became all the more famous because of release of the epic variation of the Robin Hood tale in theatres, starring Russell Crowe as the main character. The movie features embellished battles along with a startling re-telling of the classic storyline of Robin Hood, who stole from the undeserving wealthy and gave it to needy and poor people.

Maid Marian is none other than true love of Robin Hood and a great woman too. The clothes she is seen wearing are based on traditional medieval English apparels. If you want to slip into shoes of this great epic woman, what could be a better idea than to dress yourself up like her this Halloween, and feel the heart of Maid Marian? A typical Maid Marian dress would include a long, flowing, and luxurious dress, substantial sleeves, and waistline ties. While you have a choice to wear the costume in any colour which suits you, the lady herself was usually depicted wearing greens and dark brown, which complimented Robin. While you can try to make this costume on your own at home, but there is no deficiency of ready-made Maid Marian Halloween costumes on the market for those who prefer to save their time and show up in a truly authentic looking outfit.

You can expect a long dress with attached sash and a headpiece with attached drape, when you buy this costume. The costume comes in a myriad of colours.

If you have been looking for a Halloween costume for couples, then there could be no better choice than you dressed up as Maid Marian and your guy as Robin Hood.

Be it any theme or any costume party, Maid Marian costume is just made for every party. Maid Marian was a female side kick in Robin Hood. Beautiful attire and a very graceful look is a perfect look that you would ever want in the party that you are soon going to attend. Maid Marian goes in any party be it a Halloween party or a Renaissance costume party.

Maid Marian is a character which is seen in many stories she was seen in stories and ballads during 16th century and she was seen in many different forms and called by many different names as well. She was always seen in dazzling and sparkling attires and for giving you such a sparkling look this site is totally dedicated to the Maid Marian costumes. Here you will see many different costumes which are related to the Maid Marian.

You will find a wide variety of costumes and accessories to make your costume look perfect and to give you that perfect look that you had ever wished for. You will find different costumes and here you will find different range of costumes as well so you can find something that would range in your limit but still be beautiful and outstanding as every Maid Marian costume is.

There are so many different looks and so many different styles to choose from. Maid Marian is just the costume that you would ever want. And now as the Halloween is coming in so girls are confused what to wear so here is a solution for you, Maid Marian costume. Will make you look beautiful and graceful and this will bring the total feel of 16th century back to live.

So what are you waiting for? There is still lots in store for you and for getting the best outfit of maid Marian the best place to search for this is the maidmariancostume.com here you will find everything that you need to get the perfect look for making your party eve a perfect one. Happy Shopping!!!

Accessorizing Your Maid Marian Costume

Searching all over Sherwood Forest for the right Maid Marian Costume accessories? Hark, maiden, look no further! Start with your head! You will need an appropriate headdress to set yourself apart as a maiden. It should be floral inspired if you want to get Robin Hood’s (or his merry thieves) heart racing. But perhaps Maid Marian’s most important accessory is her hair. Yours should be long and flowing, and if it isn’t (and you don’t have time to grow it out before the big day) you’re doing to need a wig! Purchase a waist length wig to compliment your costume and you will be ready to romp through the forest with your medieval man in tow.

There is no need to go gallavanting around Sherwood Forest in anything but comfort. Getting fitted for your Maid Marian costume is simple. Find the size chart for the costume that you like and then compare your measurements to the measurements in the chart. You will need to know your height and your weight, and you should also measure from your shoulder to your ankle to make sure that the length of the costume matches your measurements. If it is too long, you can always hem it – although that can be  bit bothersome! You will also need to measure your waist, hips, and chest to get the most accurate fit for your costume.

Maid Marian – Go Medieval on them

“Nothing beats the classics”, is what many say but can you apply such wisdom on Halloween costumes?  The answer is yes.  Classic Halloween costumes do not mean that you go prancing about in a ghost costume or the over-rated sexy devil costume.  Show more class and go with the medieval theme.

The medieval theme is a classic choice that many would love to participate in.  Dress up as one of the gentlemen and ladies from the ages of knights, kings, and queens.  Be a damsel in distress with Maid Marian costumes.  Maid Marian is a well-known character from the story of Robin Hood.  She was a woman of high status in-love with a skilled archer.  Portray this fine young lady with Maid Marian costumes.  She is not the typical damsel in distress.  She is a strong and independent woman who does not care about status and follows her heart.

You can have a romantic Halloween night with your Robin Hood perfectly set by one of the Maid Marian costumes.  You can easily avail of one and find one that will best suite your taste and body shape.

There are many themed Halloween parties held and the medieval theme is quite popular among the youngsters.  The reason of this fad is that the young people want to feel the elegance of the olden times; where “ladies and gentlemen” were not a decreasing population.  Being a knight or a lord is a dream of many men and being a maiden is always a great experience for the women.

Get the best out of your Halloween party and come as one of the famous leading women in literature.  Maid Marian may have been from the past, but her story remains in the present and in the future.   Look great and feel great as the fine Maid Marian.

Step out of your home as a character right out of Sherwood Forest and while you are at it, why not the beautiful character of Maid Marian? Why this costume? You ask. Well, she was the first female sidekick that a hero like Robin Hood had and was a popular character all through the stories that were made up around Robin Hood. One of the best places to look for a costume would be a site dedicated to all things Marian – Maid Marian Costume – where different versions of her can be found. You can find everything here from her long flowing gowns and elegant headdresses to the delicate corsets that made up her wardrobe. There are so many ways to portray her and you will easily find a dress that makes sense for you.

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